Advertisement and Guidelines

These established guidelines set rules that dictate BuzzBelter’s association with its advertising associates and the link between editorial and publicity writings. The dominant idea is that BuzzBelter must maintain its editorial honour and the confidence of its users. We understand that authorising, publicly advertising and sticking to these guidelines is necessary to preserve the belief and clarity that should exist among a publication, its readers, and its advertisers.

We likewise understand that no set of guidelines can address each and every condition or problem that may occur in the way of doing business, particularly given the speed of development within the communication business. Therefore, we expect that these guidelines will be read again and refreshed when needed.

The following section guidelines refer to all advertisements and advocate content agreed by BuzzBelter.

BuzzBelter will not tolerate any involvement with an advertiser to endanger BuzzBelter’s editorial honour. Advertising content should be distinct from editorial content. BuzzBelter will place an advertisement with the word “Advertisement” when this is necessary.
Advertisers are accountable for securing that their ads are sufficiently complete and conform with all relevant legislations and guidelines. Although the content of advertising appears not significantly match the views of BuzzBelter or its editors, if it appears to the attention of BuzzBelter that an advertisement contains demonstrably false or illegal content, BuzzBelter will reject the advertisement entirely or partly.
BuzzBelter may apply its option to decline any advertising that is incompatible with to BuzzBelter’s brand.
While BuzzBelter will decide either to work with advertisers on a case-by-case reason, any instances of advertising BuzzBelter will not accept are the following:

  • Advertising that BuzzBelter considers is immoral, obscene, indecent, profane, or vulgar.
  • Advertising for prohibited goods or services, which includes drugs, banned substances, or any similar products or services.
  • Advertising that BuzzBelter regards offensive or severe text directing anyone, association, or corporation.
  • Advertising that BuzzBelter decides to be rebellious.
  • Advertising that BuzzBelter signifies a personal offence against anyone, nation, or society.
  • Advertising that BuzzBelter considers threatening the intellectual honour, power and character of its purpose and trademark.
  • Each and every perception of the application of the other criterion to particular advertisements must be the sole consideration of BuzzBelter’s business ethics.
  • BuzzBelter’s editors will not be connected in determining if to accept or reject specific advertisers.

BuzzBelter may exclude advertisement content at any point if such material is contradictory with the methods described here, with or without preceding announcement to the advertising client and regardless of whether the advertising content has been admitted or advertised within BuzzBelter at any point in time.

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