Options for Tennis Elbow Treatment

Tennis elbow occurs since of tears in the tendons that connect the elbow to the arm. This can be quite uncomfortable and if not taken care of, will become worse. There are tennis elbow treatment varieties available for those who are suffering.

Typically caused by sports activities and moving the arm a certain way repeatedly during the day, tennis elbow treatment includes exercises to help the tendon heal. These exercises also help teach a person how to use their arms without causing further damage to the muscle.

Anti-inflammatory drugs may be given to keep the swelling down near the elbow. This tennis elbow treatment is usually enough to help the tendon heal itself. If not, then cortisone is used to relieve the pain.

This tennis elbow treatment is for more extreme cases. Exercise is strongly suggested to help the tendon repair itself. Learning how to position the arm is another way to ensure this will not happen again. Surgery remains only needed in the most severe cases of tennis elbow. Often, through exercise and medication, a person who is suffering from tennis elbow will make a full recovery.

These elbow treatments are standard for most people who are suffering. However, different treatments are still being developed that may also help. Shock wave therapy is one elbow treatment that will assist the tendon heal faster than other methods.

Blood injections are another possibility, but more testing will be needed. Elbow treatments cannot prevent further tennis elbow problems. If a sports player does not learn how to use their arms when playing sports like tennis, then they should find another sport. Tennis elbow can hurt for many years and plague a person for the rest of their lives if they do nothing to help heal the tendon. Tennis elbow treatment is always available when a person needs it.

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