10 changes to make your everyday better in 2017

As we stepped into 2017, the plethora of happiness came with it, and you would want to retain the happiness and not let it go with the same speed that it came.

Here are few things that will dramatically change your life, backed by real evidence, and is incredibly easy to accomplish.

1. Meditate for 10 minutes every day

Meditation is just not for monks. Anyone and everyone can practice it. It’s a workout for your brain, reduce stress, and make you more confident and smarter as you meditate every day. Being yourself is easy, and you will end up being amazing.

2. Switch off your devices before sleep.

The rays of your laptop, the vibration of your mobile phone prevents the brain from secreting melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. Reading under low light or keeping yourself free from devices is a smarter idea for a good sound sleep.

3. Always take the stairs

Eat, sleep; repeat is your daily cycle then you need to add a bit of exercise to it. Enjoyment in the gym or exercise in the open but you must taste it otherwise you’ll end up being darker than you think. Take the stairs to your office, if it is way up. It will add routine exercise to your daily life. Lay the foundation for significant changes you need!

4. Write one grateful thing every day

Being grateful shows how positive you’re towards others and writing it down shows how good you’re in keeping things. You can make you measurably happier and smarter. Being gratitude makes you feel substantially more optimistic about life.

5. Download a current event app

Our world is going through changes every day, and it’s important to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and happenings. Multiple apps will give you ideas and thoughts as to what you should be doing for a particular event. Can keep you engaged, and your life will be blessed out.

6. Face your fear

Fear makes you dull and sad. It’s imperative to overcome your fear; before you’re forced to overcome it. Being fearful takes away a lot of thing from you, and it doesn’t let you enjoy the adventure side of you. Once you overcome fear, you will see a different version of yourself.

7. Drink lots of water

Water best known as H2O is the universal solvent because it’s important for every living thing on earth. It flushes out toxic from your body, protects you from dehydration, overcome fatigue, gives nutrients, boosts your immune system and keeps you active. Remember to drink as much water as you can (8 bottles as recommended by doctors).

8. Keep a list of things that makes you happy

Prepare a list of stuff that makes you happy. Small things like comments, conversations, and posts will remind you of your good times, and you can also refer to it when you are sad to boost your mood.

9. Go for a Therapy

Once a week you should consider going to a therapist. If this is going okay, it is alway right then and able to deal with all your and my irritations, and it makes flexible for us to stop our frustrations.

10. Stay away from social media

Log off from all social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for a whole day and enjoy the pleasure of life.

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