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A list of things you should NEVER post on social media

Ever since social media evolved, it had given ample opportunities and reasons for brands to connect with their customers, individuals can go social to find friends, share posts, comment on groups, find jobs and connect with like-minded people. In a fraction of seconds, all your friends can join you spontaneously.

While it gives you so much power, some people will abuse it. Some are harmless, while some can result in major disaster. The moment you post or upload something on social media, it’ll stay there until you remove it.

To save yourself from embarrassing situations, here’s a list of things you should NEVER post on social media.

1. Don’t tag random people.

You happen to like a pic, and you upload it. You can tag yourself, tag your family members, tag your friends but do not tag someone whom you don’t know. Please don’t label anyone in a group of 50. Tagging unknown people are considered spam and a classic move by spammers.

When you tag someone whom you don’t know or keep annoying someone in your friend list by tagging them, they will report it to Facebook or unfollow you or unfriend you.

2.    Don’t send app request or game request.

When you’re using a Facebook app like Candy Crush or any other app, the app will ask you to invite your friends. It’s free advertising for the app, but it can cost you; you’re irritating your friends by repeatedly sending them game or app request.

Every app gives you two options to invite people i.e. to send an invite to those who are playing the game or send an invite to all Facebook friends. I refer choosing the first option because either people are already playing the game or have subscribed to the app. Also, when you constantly bombard people with request’s,  you’re perceived as someone who is always online. People will think, “Oh, right, this person always waste time online.”

3.    Don’t send new page invites.

You decided to start a new chapter, and you blasted everyone with your new page request. Got only 2-page likes??? Now, what???

Sending page request to everyone on your friend list can be easy but intimidating to many. You may want to post some useful content on your post, and if I like those posts, I will like the post on my own.

People need space to comprehend things first, and we should allow them to do things the way they want and not force them or plead them. Trust me, you both will feel happy.

4.    Don’t let your relationship issues go social.

If you have a fight or love quarrel with your partner, do not rant on social media. That is the kind of situation that people don’t need and want to know. People can immediately judge you and your partner since you’ve given them the idea about it.

Your story will change over time and frankly speaking, you should keep such things to yourself. Barriers break when people talk, and you should speak with your partner once before letting the world know.

5.    Pictures of your exposed and naked body.

There is no need to display or present your naked body online. You may get some likes but being an icon of desire and fantasy is not something you should be proud of or practice it.

Remember, kids, teenagers, use social media and indecent or salacious images can give a wrong direction to them. Moreover,  if you’ve self-respect, then you should avoid this kind of posting.

6.    Pictures of you drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

You should not be proud of posting your wrong side on social media. Social media is used by companies also, and they get to know about your habits even before they hire you. While occasional drinkers are preferred, drugs addict are a complete no.

Once posted, it becomes open to public. Everyone can see it including your boss, family and the law enforcer who will be embarrassed to see you doing this.

7.    Money, Bank A/c, Jewelries

Social Media is at its peak because of its efficiency, and there are thieves, burglar, and robbers, and they are high tech too. Unless you envisioned to get robbed, posting pictures of your money or bank account just isn’t a good idea/

Robbers, thieves & burglars also use social networking, and it makes their job easy to find the prospect. Hence, never show off about your wealth and treasures.

8.    Don’t embarrass anyone

When you’re with your friends, you make fun of each other, and that’s pretty obvious. All is fine when it’s in person, and they’ll not be annoyed by this.

But, posting the same on social media can embarrass your friend, and it can let everyone know what happened that night. A picture or still image speaks a thousand words, and people can start judging you.

9.    Don’t send a friend request to everyone.

Send friend request to only those people whom you know or met. Sending friend request to random people can term you desperate to increase your friend list, and you be marked as spam as well.

10.    Anything you may regret later.

It’s good to be social but posting where you’re dining, what you’re doing, whereabouts can give food for thoughts to people, and you may be tracked or stalked.  Don’t post personal information like your phone number, credit card details, etc. It makes it way easy for people to gain access to you and even easier to steal your identity.

You should post stuff that people like to read and that can give you more credibility for the person you are.

Communicating on social media is like communication in real life. People prefer communication that has something for them and which can keep them engaging and not ignore them.

Anything else people should stop doing on social media? Comment and we’ll add your point to the list.

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