A Gentleman’s Guide To Wearing A Tie

A tie is the focal point of one’s attire. A small mistake in wearing this simple looking piece of garment can completely ruin your look. So watch out for some of the key characteristics of acing the art of wearing a tie:

The Knot: There are many different types of knots but the most important thing is to avoid a twisted knot. Ensure that the knot fills the gap between the collar and does not show the narrow part of the tie.

The Length: A tie should not be too long or too short. It should end near the middle of the belt buckle. Ask for the right size of the tie while shopping keeping in mind your height.

The Colour: Choose a shade that complements your shirt or suit. A sure shot way of wearing a right colored tie is to club any colored tie with a dark navy or black suit and a white shirt. Most of the colored ties go well with this combination.

The Print And Patterns: Avoid too bold patterns with big images on the tie. Keep it plain and simple.

The Fall And Fabric: It is a blunder to wear wrinkled and stained ties. Remember to un-knot your tie and hang it on a hanger, the fabric will straighten itself overnight.

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