A Puzzle To Test Your Color Identification Skills


Puzzles can be a great way to kill boredom. But some of them can be extremely exhausting, gruelling and grinding. One such puzzle is the ‘1000 Colours’.

The Challenge:

Produced by Clemens Habicht and Lamington Drive, this puzzle is CMYK color gamut jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces. Each tile is an individual colour and the task is to place each colour exactly in relation to every other colour. “The idea came from enjoying the subtle differences in the blue of a sky in a particularly brutal jigsaw puzzle. I found that without the presence of image detail to help locate a piece I was relying only on an intuitive sense of colour. And this was much more satisfying to do than the areas with image details.

Image source: puzzle.lamingtondrive.com

What The Creators Have To Say:

“What is strange is that unlike ordinary puzzles where you are in effect redrawing a specific picture from a reference you have a sense of where every piece belongs compared to every other piece. There is a real logic in the doing that is weirdly soothing, therapeutic.It must be the German coming out in me. As each piece clicks perfectly into place. Just so, it’s a little win, like a little pat on the back.”

The New Editions:

For all those who did not find 1000 Colours Puzzle challenging enough, they have launched the 5000 Colours puzzle. This is what the creators had to say about the 5000 Colour Puzzle. “This one is for all those who wrote and said that 1000 COLOURS wasn’t a challenge. Multiplying the number of pieces by a magnitude of five makes the difference in hue between neighbouring tiles barely perceptible. ”
Besides these there is also a 200 x 70 centimetres (79 x 28 inches) big puzzle created for children with 100 pieces.

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