Popcorn – Facts And Myths

It is hard to believe that a simple snack like Popcorn can be so mysterious. We are trying to burst some myths and address some questions that may have ‘popped-up’ in your minds about popcorn.

Is Popcorn healthy or junk food?
It depends on how you prepare it. Air-popped popcorn has fewer calories than oil-popped popcorn. And if you add butter, cheese and salt then the calorie count goes up even further.
Is it a vegetable or a grain?
It is a whole grain, a very sugary and starchy at that. In some regions, unique varieties of this grain are grown to improve the popping yield.
What makes popcorn pop?
Heat and Pressure make the popcorn pop. When heated, the natural moisture inside the kernel turns to steam and builds up enough pressure that it eventually explodes.
Is it same as maize or sweet corn?
No. Only the popcorn pops. Other types of corn may burst open slightly when heated, but not like popcorn.
What are the un-popped kernels called?
They are called ‘old maids’. The kernels do not pop because they do not have enough moisture left in them to create steam an explosion.
When is the National Popcorn day celebrated?
It is observed somewhere in the end of January. However, the exact date for the National Popcorn day is debatable. Some say it is 19 th January while others differ.
When and where was Popcorn discovered?
It was discovered in America more thousands of years ago. Many historians also believe that popcorn was the first corn that humans ever knew about.

Hope you are a bit enlightened about this humble snack. So make the most of this month-end with some lip smacking popcorn. Snatch a paper bag, scoop in some popcorn, sprinkle some salt and savour the goodness!

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