How To Survive A Crowd Craze

There have been many incidents of crowd frenzy during concerts, festivals and celebrity campaigns. These mishaps make one think — What would I do to survive a situation of panic or crowd disaster during an event?

Here are a few tips that might come handy when you are one among the panicked crowd:

Make yourself familiar with the surroundings: As soon as you reach the location for the event, take notice of the alternate exits. You should know where to exit and how to get out of the place if disaster strikes. If possible always stay closer to the escape route.

Use your hands, legs and body movement to your benefit: Keep your hands near your chest. This position will give you movement and will protect your chest. Move in the same direction of the crowd and try to secure a space where the flow of crowd is weak.

If you fall get up quickly: If you are unable to get up then curl yourself in the fetal position where your head is bowed, limbs are bent, and hands are covered. This will ensure minimal injury to your neck and chest. Do not lay on your chest or back as this dangerously exposes your lungs.

Do not add to the frenzy: Conserve energy and do not shout, yell or scream. Use sign language to communicate like waving, pointing or just eyes movement). If you feel very uncomfortable or sense danger, ask people to crowd surf you out.

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