5 Startling Revelations By Paris Jackson

5 Startling Revelations By Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson is the daughter of Late Michael Jackson.She was born in 1998 and has lived a rather rough life in spite of being a daughter of a legend. In an interview with Rolling Stones magazine, she revealed some painful incidences of her life as a teenager.

1. She went through a trauma that she’s never mentioned in public.

2. She had attempted suicide “multiple times,” she says. “It was just once that it became public.” The hospital had a “three-strike rule,” she recalls, and, after that last attempt, insisted she attend a residential therapy program.

3. Home-schooled before her father’s death, Paris had agreed to attend a private school starting in seventh grade. She didn’t fit in – at all – and started hanging out with the only kids who accepted her, “a lot of older people doing a lot of crazy things,” she says.

4. After her last suicide attempt, she spent sophomore year and half of junior year at a therapeutic school in Utah. “It was great for me,” she says. “I’m a completely different person.”

5. “Plenty of people think I’m ugly, and plenty of people don’t. But there’s a moment when I’m modelling where I forget about my self-esteem issues and focus on what the photographer’s telling me – and I feel pretty.

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