Gotham Finally Reveals Bruce as Batman

If you are a Batman fan and still haven’t started watching Gotham then it’s about time you start catching up.

The pictures below are a few signs of real evidence that Gotham will be a kickass show. It got me the goosebumps watching Bruce being prepared to being the Dark Knight of Gotham.

Lucius Entering

Credit: FOX

Lucius Fox gets extremely suspicious of Bruce Waynes unexplainable excuses so he decided to pay him a visit to him what he made for the Wayne Enterprise.


Lucius Unveiling

Credit: FOX

Lucius explaining to Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce Wayne about the surprise he brought with him.



Credit: FOX

Alfred and Bruce waiting to see what exactly Lucius has brought. Bruce looks like he was expecting this since he did a thorough research on his fathers Wayne Enterprise.

Batman Gear

Credit: FOX

Finally Lucius uncovers the the long awaited ‘batsuit’


Batman Equipment

Credit: FOX

Close up showing the grip claws and the Batman boots.


Bruce Happy

Credit: Fox

Need I say more… The boy looks happy ūüėÄ


Bruce Instructed

Credit: FOX

Alfred and Lucius waste no time and prepare Bruce to some training instructed to him via a microphone.


Bruce Climbing

Credit: FOX

Bruce battles his first hurdle in the intensive training which he mentally and physically prepared for since the death of his parents.


Bruce Mask

Credit: FOX

This is the part all Batman fans will get goosebumps! The unveiling of the Batman mask!!!

Credit: FOX

Credit: FOX

STAND UP TALL! The Dark Knight gets a taste of whats to come.

This could be the finale of Gotham and if you have not yet started watching this them it sure was worth the wait for this part of the series. By far the most exciting part of the whole series.

No words can justify the thrill and excitement you’ll get once you see this part.

Go watch it now!

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