9 best foods to buy when you are on a budget

Eat healthy not just to survive but to give your body the required nourishment for growth and sustenance. When your expense is high, and budget is less, groceries are the first thing to take a cut back. Skip eating out and cook food at home to save on the money each week. There are varieties of food you can add to your grocery list that is healthy, adaptable and won’t burn your pocket.

Here are the lists of foods to buy when you are on a budget.

1. Fruits

Fruits are rich in Vitamin C, and they guarantee you optimum health and balanced body in the long run.
They provide fiber and potassium for the lowest cost. Banana, Apples & Oranges should be consumed as whole rather than taking them as fruit juice.

2. Vegetables

Vegetable provides a spectrum of proteins and vitamins and is required by every human being. Fresh vegetables if consumed in the season can be costly and the downside is they must have been picked before ripeness keeping the vegetables raw.

You can try frozen food which is picked at the peak of the season and aren’t less than the fresh ones. They are easy to cook and save you from the hassle of cutting and mincing.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes contain Vitamin C, potassium, and mineral that regulates blood pressure and acts as an antioxidant for your body. Potatoes are fat-free until you fry them as it increases the fat content from 0 to 8 grams. It can be used to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner dishes.

4. Beans

You can buy dry or uncooked beans which are perfect for a good healthy meal for you and your family. Beans provide fiber and protein which can be served with any sauce, salad or even cooked pasta.

5. Eggs

An egg is a breakfast food across the globe. It can be mixed with any food to give it an eggilicious taste. Eggs are not only low in proteins but are rich in high – quality protein as well.

6. Pasta

Pasta has one of the easiest recipes to make. I believe that it should be there in everyone’s pantry because it’s easy to prepare and can give way for a perfect dinner for many.

7. Lentils

Lentils are super-affordable and easy to prepare. Lentils have fiber, protein, iron, potassium and a trace of other minerals as well. Unlike dried beans, they don’t require pre-soaking and easy to prepare.

8. Brown Rice

Brown rice reduces the risk of diabetes due to the richness in fiber. You can use it for any means, eat with veggies. This whole grain is stuffed with fiber and helps lower cholesterol.

9. Oats

Oats are affordable health food when bought in bulk. A morning with oatmeal gives you enough phosphorous and manganese to manage your day. Oats are delicious and famous for their slow-cooked glory.

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