What is BuzzBelter?

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So what is BuzzBelter?

Does it seem like every blog site you visit is the same?

BuzzBelter is not your average blog site. With our team of dedicated writers, we make sure the reader keeps scrolling with a smile. Our articles will make sure the young and old get encapsulated with rich content that is worth sharing with their family and friends.

BuzzBelter is a new platform that took many hard working months to architect a team of writers, designers, researchers and bloggers who also love to ‘vlog’. We are very grateful that we live in the age of technology as our team are from different parts of the globe. Technology has made our network grow and connected through systems that are invaluable. We take pride in what we do. Keeping you up to date with the latest and social trending content is our full-time passion.

Official BuzzBelter Logo

Official BuzzBelter Logo

We all seem to get spammed with articles that are being circulated with the same content from site to site you navigate. Unfortunately, many bloggers and marketers have jumped onto this bandwagon. Unless search engines penalise this phenomenon, then this trend will not stop anytime soon. Google, however, have a brilliant algorithm in place called RankBrain and PageRank that tackles this problem.

Our writers have a background in media and publishing from big corporate brands and companies. HuffingtonPost, Ezine Articles and BBC are some to name a few. We are constantly on the watch for more experienced and dedicated people to join our network. Buzz us on info@buzzbelter.com or our social media and share your experience and skills with us. BuzzBelter is catered for everyone despite your age and gender. Contact us. We do not bite!

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